I make websites that deliver more leads for your business

Hi, I'm Rob Kendal. If you've been searching for a freelance web developer who knows WordPress and frontend web development inside and out, you've come to the right place.

With me, you'll always get:

  • A fullstack developer with 15+ years development experience.
  • A reliable development professional who will always give you straightforward, honest advice.
  • Marketing website design and development driven by your business growth goals.
  • Award-winning marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) knowledge and support.
  • Expert web development services using forward-thinking technologies such as Gatsby.js, Next.js, WordPress REST API, GraphQL and the Jamstack.
  • Enterprise-level HubSpot campaign management and integrations (including WordPress).
  • Help and support launching super fast, accessible, static websites that rank well on search engines.

Talking about your project costs nothing; choosing the right partner to deliver it could save you a fortune!

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Rob Kendal freelance wordpress developer
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WordPress Consultancy

I specialise in delivering WordPress websites for clients ranging from small local businesses, through to enterprise level organisations.

I offer WordPress consultancy services to help with a range of projects and needs including:

  • Building enterprise-level marketing-led business websites using WordPress.
  • Creating an ecommerce platform with WordPress, WooCommerce, Snipcart or Stripe.
  • WordPress migrations between hosts.
  • HubSpot to WordPress integrations and campaign setups.
  • Help and support with using WordPress as a headless CMS with React and Gatsby or Next.
  • Designing, developing and deploying static frontend websites using a WordPress-powered backend on Netlify, Vercel, or the AWS platform.
  • Improving WordPress performance and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • UX or UI consultancy support to plan out your WordPress-powered website.

Let's discuss your WordPress project and find out how I can help.

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Trusted by brands big and small

I've been honoured to work with local and national brands to build marketing websites powered by WordPress

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Website design & UX with marketing results in mind

  Content is king

Build a website around well-planned content that strikes a chord with your customers.


Maximise leads from your website through conversion rate optimisation.

  Clear user experience

Give customers the information they need simply and easily without getting in their way.

  Strong calls to action

Make it easy for visitors to take next steps to contact you, make a purchase, make their next move.

Your business website is key to getting your message in front of your customers.

A good website should be built with your audience in mind, geared towards their needs and drivers with strong calls to action and properly thought-out UX.

I can help your business build that website.

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Don't take my word for it

I've been trusted by UK-wide and local Yorkshire businesses for years,
here's what they say about my work.

Anne de Freyman

I struggled for years to find the right person to build a website I would be proud of for my business. Until I met Rob. I was impressed with Rob's creative talent and his patience. He built exactly the website I wanted and gave me all the help I needed to make it work. Superlative customer service!Anne de Freyman

Claire Horsfield

Rob helped me setup HubSpot and integrate it with my website. Rob's work is professional and to a high standard, always being completed quickly. He helped me learn the new software quickly.Claire Horsfield

Heidi Green

Rarely do you meet someone who gives so generously of their knowledge, sharing so much information to help others achieve their goals. Rob is an inspiration in his approach, taking the fear out of what sometimes seems an overwhelming task. Professional, approachable, innovative, what more can I say!Heidi Green

Simeron Taak

Rob has been an excellent mentor for me. I would definitely recommend working with Rob to any developers looking for a mentor. Rob has been part of my biggest JavaScript progression to date.Simeron Taak

Asam Shan

Rob is great! He has a real knack of instilling confidence by breaking down and simplifying any problem I've had. He is always available and genuinely happy to help.Asam Shan

Need some help?

Whether you need a freelance web developer for your website project, or you're getting into code and need some personal support and mentorship, it costs absolutely nothing to start the conversation.

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