I have a few open source projects and repositories that I'm working on or have available on my GitHub account.

I've broken down a few of the more popular ones here. Check them out and feel free to fork, feedback, leave pull requests, or request features :D.

Google Sheets icon


Google Sheets Reader

This tiny (but hopefully mighty) utility package helps fetch, read and process data from a Google Sheet without the faff of having to deal with the full-blown Google Sheets API

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Node API Server Starter Kit

This popular starter kit (currently being used as part of the curriculum in a university course) contains everything you'll need to create your very own Node-based API server. It uses Express JS and is configured to serve JSON files for data.

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React Visual Query Builder

Driven by a need for a more customised query builder tool built in React, I developed an open source query builder that will output a structured JSON query object comprised of rules, rule-groups and a number of field components depending on desired input type.

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Family-Dog-Finder (in progress)

Ruff Guides: a family dog matcher

This one is a light-hearted attempt to match families with their perfect breed of dog. Simply answer a few questions and the matching engine will return a list of possible breeds that could work for your family.

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