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The Front End FAQs

So, you're looking to appear on the show, or want to know a little bit more about The Front End huh?

You've come to the right place...

1. What is The Front End Podcast all about?

The Front End covers a range of topics in and around the technology and front end development space. We'll get technical with JavaScript features, talk about CSS, but also branch out to wider areas such as getting started in development, careers, mental health, and much more. We'll also be featuring guests regularly who can talk about their particular coding origin story and specific topics in their field of expertise.

2. Who is the audience?

Anyone interested in development (or closely attached to it) really.

Whilst some topics might be a little more geared towards the newer developers' end of the scale, the podcast aims to cover a range of topics that everyone can take something from, such as mental health, remote working, career advice, and broader advice pieces, such as improving on debugging.

3. I want to be a guest, how does the recording work?

To be honest, I've found that having meetings and doing recordings remotely works really well; it's certainly more productive for people and it's often easier to find a 30 minute window here and there.

I'll send you a link to use the built in software that the podcast's hosting platform, Anchor, provides. We'll do the recording and then I'll edit it for clarity and time.

However, if you're local to Selby, North Yorkshire, then we can certainly try to arrange a get together (with a brew!) and record the episode, but it'll be easier at a quiet place -- sorry, that means no high-octane games of laser quest :(

4. How long is an episode

To be honest, it depends. Personally, I like to listen to podcasts that are 30 minutes or less, so I generally aim for that. However, depending on the topic, and the guest, some may run a little over.

5. What will we talk about and what is the format of the episode?

Again, it depends on the topic. The general plan is to keep things more conversational, rather than a rigid Q&A session. Guests will generally be asked to introduce themselves and then I'll ask a couple of questions from there and we'll see where the fates take us.

If there's a specific topic on the cards then I might have a few questions in mind that I'd like to cover, but you'll be provided with these ahead of time so you're not caught off guard. Generally, I like to ask about origin stories, a bit like a comic book. This might be, 'how did you get into [field of expertise]?', or 'Did you always want to be in [this job], what would you like to do instead?', and so on.

6. Do I get to listen to it before it's published?

Yep. I'll get the polishing done and then send you a preview. Nows the time to give me any feedback or highlight anything you might want removing, etc. Please note, however, if there's no feedback provided before the publishing deadline, the episode will still be published

7. Can I plug my own things on the podcast?

You betcha. As a guest on the show, you'll be given ample opportunity to talk about anything of interest you'd like sharing, from simple social media pages or blogs, to more concrete works such as published books or courses. If you let us know ahead of time then we can highlight these a bit more during the show too.

Also, you'll be fully accredited in the show's description with links of your choosing.