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I have a few open source projects and repositories that I'm working on or have available on my GitHub account.

I've broken down a few of the more popular ones here. Check them out and feel free to fork, feedback, leave pull requests, or request features :D.

intro image for article Neeps the panda. Official logo and mascot of Remote Dev Jobs.
fully remote jobs for devs in the UK

Remote Dev Jobs UK

Currently in production, Remote Dev Jobs UK aims to pair developers and tech workers with the best fully remote jobs that the UK tech scene has to offer. You can visit the site and sign up to be notified when it’s ready to launch.

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intro image for article Google Sheets icon

Google Sheets Reader

This tiny (but hopefully mighty) utility package helps fetch, read and process data from a Google Sheet without the faff of having to deal with the full-blown Google Sheets API

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intro image for article React logo

React Visual Query Builder

Driven by a need for a more customised query builder tool built in React, I developed an open source query builder that will output a structured JSON query object comprised of rules, rule-groups and a number of field components depending on desired input type.

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intro image for article Node JS logo

Node API Server Starter Kit (TypeScript) -- UPDATED

This popular, updated starter kit (currently being used as part of the curriculum in a university course) contains everything you’ll need to create your very own Node-based API server. It’s been fully rewritten to use the latest version of Express, TypeScript, and is configured to serve JSON files for data.

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