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Shepherds Purse Cheeses

The Shepherds Purse are a Yorkshire-based artisan cheese maker, supplying their award-winning cheeses nationally. They needed help to improve their Shopify store and maximise their customer conversion rates.

Learn more about Shepherds Purse on their Shopify store.

The challenge

Shepherds Purse had a great Shopify store, but felt they weren't capitalising on their shopper journey and wanted to improve upsells, cross-sells and highlighting of their awards. They also wanted to unify their branding across different areas of the site.

Screenshot of the Shepherds Purse Shopify store and it's admin panel
Screenshot of the Shepherd's Purse website

How I helped

I worked with the Shepherds Purse team to identify several areas for improvement in their UX and UI across their Shopify store, mostly centred around their product pages. I worked on their bespoke Shopify theme to make changes that highlighted their cheeses' awards, made better use of their page space, and helped promote more of their pairing products for better upsells.

We also made improvements to messaging and information highlighting around their basket and checkout areas. Finally, we added an improved order datepicker and introduced a multi-address shipping process.

Project highlights

  • Improved the customer journey and UX on their Shopify product pages
  • Custom Shopify theme work across their website
  • Implemented multi-address shipping process in their checkout system
  • Ongoing dedicated Shopify consultancy to support their store now and in the future

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