Andrea Hall

Andrea Hall is a talented Yorkshire artist and active open water swimmer. She creates a range of art for the swimmer community such as greetings cards, prints, stationery and more.

Check out Andrea's website here.

The challenge

Andrea had a personal portfolio website and a separate Etsy store. Tired of the hassle of maintaining two separate sites and paying expensive sales percentages to Etsy, she wanted to combine her online presences into a single, unified experience for both her and the customer.

The customer would get a single, streamlined ecommerce site to browse and make purchases, whilst Andrea would be able to manage all her content, products and after sales care and admin in one place.

Screenshot of AndreaHall website and backend

How I helped

I started with Andrea's existing website which was powered by WordPress and developed a custom solution that detached it from the front-facing customer website. This freed up WordPress to manage content and product information whilst I developed a separate front end that could focus on simple, clear design that focussed on the customer.

The new website uses a lot of cool technology under the hood, including GraphQL to feed product data and content to the detached front end via an API. The front end uses Next.js to generate a blazing-fast static site that means customers no longer have to wait for more than a few milliseconds to get to their

The last part of the puzzle was to migrate all Andrea's existing product data from her Etsy store into the new WordPress system.

Project highlights

  • Designed and developed a new ecommerce website that simplifies the customer journey to maximise conversions
  • Deployed detached WordPress CMS with custom product and ecommerce management areas
  • Deployed separate, optimised front end, hosted on a specialised CDN for lightning quick customer experience
  • Integrated ecommerce solution with Snipcart and Stripe
  • Custom product migration from existing Etsy catalogue to new website

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