I got into computers (and video games) from an early age. Although I liked maths and science, computers were always my first love.

My first real job was in a school as a network technician, building machines for classrooms and looking after the general network infrastructure. From there, I found my way into the ambulance service, working as part of a team to manage and support the Yorkshire Ambulance Service IT infrastructure.

Young Rob Kendal sitting at a BBC computer

Me killing it on a BBC computer with a great basin-style haircut :)

It was in the ambulance service where I fell into web development – it's more common of a starting story than you might think! I learnt asp.net – in it's original 2.0 flavour – using Visual Basic and moving onto C#.

After building a number of internal web systems, I found myself doing less infrastructure support and more development.

That was it for me, the defining moment where I knew I wanted to develop all the things! I moved into the commercial sector, moving around a few creative agencies and working with some super-talented people, hopefully learning as much from them along the way.

More recently, I co-founded a creative marketing agency and managed HubSpot campaigns for some local business heroes as well as some bigger players, such as North Yorkshire County Council. We even won some awards for our work!

Right now, I'm very excited to be working for an amazing Yorkshire company, IAM Cloud, as a senior UI/front end developer. I enjoy blogging, presenting at events (and sharing as much knowledge as I can), and learning something new every day.