A headless WordPress developer for fast, accessible websites to supercharge your business

Looking for a freelance web developer, who specialises in headless WordPress development and builds websites to generate more leads for your business?
Well hello there 👋🏻, I'm Rob.

I deliver winning websites built on the Jamstack that help in more ways than one:

  • Create websites built on the latest technology with planning and development support to get started.
  • Transform sluggish websites that don't rank well into lead-generating machines for your business.
  • Take sales online with a conversion-focussed ecommerce website using Shopify or Woocommerce in headless mode for the best of both worlds.
  • Skyrocket website performance by developing a headless CMS solution that powers a static site generator such as Gatsby or Next.js.
  • Provide simple, straightforward SEO advice to improve your search rankings.

Tell me about your project and let's see how we can work together.

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Rob Kendal freelance Jamstack website developer

Content management you know;
websites your customers love

You already know and love WordPress, so let's make it headless and build a fast, powerful front-end your customers will flock to.

Fast & user-friendly

Give your customers a fast, friendly website that's tailored to them and built with conversions in mind. Watch your lead generation take flight.

No migration needed!

By converting your existing WordPress backend to headless mode, the content management system you love can power a brand new website in less time!

Headless ecommerce

Shopify and Woocommerce provide the power of a proven backend, whilst the Jamstack front-end delivers great online shopping experiences.

Great for search engines

Solid, straightforward advice for you. Search-friendly treatment for your website. More organic traffic for your business. Win. Win. Win.

Designs to please all

You won't find off-the-shelf themes or templates here. You'll get a bespoke, one of a kind design that suits your business to a T

Self-service as standard

You're already familiar with WordPress so you'll have no trouble managing your own content. No learning curve, no new systems to master.

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Jamstack and headless CMS development services

I specialise in delivering winning business websites powered by headless content management solutions, such as Strapi, WordPress, GraphCMS and more.

With me, as well as a reliable freelance web developer, you'll always get:

  • Straightforward knowledge and advice from a professional freelance web developer more than 15 years in the business.
  • Honest, reliable suggestions that always keep your business in mind.
  • An approach that is built upon marketing-led websites, conversion optimisation, and driving leads.
  • First-class support from day 1: from planning, development, delivery and beyond!
  • Simple marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services set for growth.
  • Expert website design services and modern website development practices including, Next.js, Frontity, GraphQL and the Jamstack for superb customer experiences.
  • Help and support launching super fast, accessible, static websites that rank well on search engines.

Let's talk about your small business website project and how we can hit your goals.

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Brands of all sizes

As a freelance web developer, I've loved working with some superb brands, nationally and local to York.

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What my clients say

From small business web design services to digital marketing and support, here's what some of my clients have to say.

Andrea Hall

Rob has been managing my website for years, but more recently I turned to him for a complete re-build to a bespoke e-commerce solution. I trust him implicitly to know what system is best for my business, and to simplify the process for me. It feels like a colleague relationship rather than a supplier, and the quality of his support, and patience is invaluable.Andrea Hall

Anne de Freyman

I struggled for years to find the right person to build a website I would be proud of for my business. Until I met Rob. I was impressed with Rob's creative talent and his patience. He built exactly the website I wanted and gave me all the help I needed to make it work. Superlative customer service!Anne de Freyman

Claire Horsfield

Rob helped me setup HubSpot and integrate it with my website. Rob's work is professional and to a high standard, always being completed quickly. He helped me learn the new software quickly.Claire Horsfield

Heidi Green

Rarely do you meet someone who gives so generously of their knowledge, sharing so much information to help others achieve their goals. Rob is an inspiration in his approach, taking the fear out of what sometimes seems an overwhelming task. Professional, approachable, innovative, what more can I say!Heidi Green

Simeron Taak

Rob has been an excellent mentor for me. I would definitely recommend working with Rob to any developers looking for a mentor. Rob has been part of my biggest JavaScript progression to date.Simeron Taak

Asam Shan

Rob is great! He has a real knack of instilling confidence by breaking down and simplifying any problem I've had. He is always available and genuinely happy to help.Asam Shan

How can I help?

Not sure if the Jamstack is right for you? Need more information or a quick chat about it all? It costs nothing to start a conversation but choosing the right path can save you a fortune.

You'll get no sales pitch here. No pushy tactics or jargon that doesn't fit your needs.
Just simple, straightforward advice backed by years of helping businesses just like yours.

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